Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby is proud to have created the WatchOut! website. Our volunteers at community events found that again and again residents were asking for the same information, and when told, they didn’t know it existed, or where to find it. From these discussions WatchOut! emerged.

The WatchOut! project was shared to the public with a ♥ “Love our Links” ♥ Media Release on 14 February 2018.

The WatchOut! website is a ‘One-stop-shop’ for Crime Prevention – an innovative, free and easy-to-use online service to connect the community with all things crime and crime prevention. It has an A-Z index of helpful information on a variety of topics, provided by government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

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Made possible through NHW Australasia 2017 Community Funding program, this creative concept was born out of the need for Neighbourhood Watch to find new ways to point the community to relevant information.

“Crimes have extended further into our lives through the use of technology, and a huge, crucial resource – the internet – was being missed. The site will point to advice for everyone; from how to deal with cyber-bullying for a 10 year old, through to warnings on romance scams for an 80 year old.” – Julia Eagles, Coordinator, Ku-ring-gai/Hornsby Neighbourhood Watch.

The constantly evolving site is run by a roster of dedicated Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, ensuring links and information are kept up-to-date. A true community project, Neighbourhood Watch invites all users of the site and members of the public to submit links and feedback.

The WatchOut! website was such a success that on 14 May 2021 it was adopted by NHW NSW, rebranded and re-worked to change it from a resource intended for only Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby residents, to become a resource for residents across all of NSW.  How proud are we?!