Car Rego Plate Locking Screws

Are you using one-way locking screws to secure your car rego (number) plates? These can be a deterrent to criminals. Your plates don’t have to be special to be stolen. They are simply used on another vehicle to avoid easy recognition.

Theft of NSW car and trailer number/ registration (rego) plates is very common, especially as the cost of fuel rises.  Plates are stolen to enable other crimes to occur: from toll evasion, or petrol station fuel theft (known as ‘fail to pay’), to armed robbery getaway vehicles. Tamper resistant, one-way locking screws can help stop car rego (number) plate theft and stop more serious crime.

A one-way locking screw is a screw that replaces a normal screw to hold your number plate in place. It goes in very easily, but because of the design, is difficult to remove.

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby has a supply of three types of car rego plate locking screws. Purchase of the locking screws was made possible through the Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Community Funding 2015 project: ‘Warning – May Contain Nuts!’ and the supplier – Altrex.

Each make and model of vehicle has a particular type of screw for the front and rear number plates. We have a look-up table provided by Altrex to determine which type of screw is correct for your vehicle. Most but not all vehicles are in this look-up table. We will give you two screws for the front plate and two for the rear plate, as two is sufficient to do the job. We suggest you use them at opposite diagonal corners of your plate.

Contact us via our Contact menu option for your FREE locking screws. Please state your MAKE and MODEL of car, and preference for collection from either Gordon or Hornsby Police Station.

Car Rego Plate Locking Screw (one-way screw)
Car Rego Plate one-way Locking Screw

To install: Use a regular screw-driver, as normal.

To remove: Pop along to Hornsby Police Station and request use of the Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby locking screw removal tool, which is especially designed for removal of these screws. The Crime Prevention Officer has several to loan out for this purpose, eg when you change your vehicle. Your number plate and car should not be damaged by the use of these locking screws.