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Caring about Community Safety

Thank you for visiting our ‘crime prevention at your fingertips‘. You may notice that our volunteers have been attempting to make the website more intuitive and user friendly. We suggest you let your fingers take a stroll and see what is pertinent to you…

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The TIPS page has a myriad of crime prevention information that makes extremely interesting reading. We all need reminding! The “Our 20 Favourite Crime Prevention Tips” series is a growing resource collated from various reputable sources across the internet. After all, crime is unfortunately a common factor in society, wherever we live. The crime prevention information is shared in various ways; grouped together for a particular reason, such as a garage sale, or for a particular sector of the community, such as seniors. Our volunteers are constantly researching new tips, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions that could be useful knowledge to us all.

Crime prevention includes knowing how to report it and when.

Please select the TIPS page for crime prevention resources.

If you hear of an excellent suggestion, please consider sharing it with us, in order that we may be able to protect a wider community.

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The BORROW page lists items to aid in your safety and security, which includes any FREE items we can offer you. Yes, BORROW is an unusual page name to include the freebies under, but we wished to retain the original name that had been printed for several years on flyers distributed to residents.

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