How We Help

6 Principles of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby

  1. Provision of support to the local Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command (PAC) by regularly assisting the Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) with crime prevention stalls at community events, letterbox drops, ‘cocooning’, etc.
  2. Education of everyone in the community in crime prevention, for all types of crime. Not only how to prevent, but also how to report crime, and how to recover after having become a victim of crime.
  3. The offer of advice, support or manpower to existing local NHW groups, eWatches and to volunteers wishing to form new NHW groups.
  4. Keeping the community up-to-date about crime in their area. Through modern technology, we reach most of the community. An ongoing presence on social media – Facebook and Twitter, the maintenance of this website, and production of a weekly Crime Update eNewsletter, all ensure a wide distribution of information.
  5. Acting as a conduit to/from the NSW Police and other government agencies (eg warnings, Keep a lookout for, CCTV images) and connecting the community to the correct agency/information.
  6. To give and lend items to the community that aid their safety and security, eg engraver, driveway marking stencil, shredder, UV pens, garbage bin stickers, kerb numbering stencil, etc.

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Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby adopted tactics in support of the above 6 principles

  1. Have NHW volunteers available for activities such as crime prevention stalls, letterbox drops, etc. Have a NHW volunteer liaise with the local CPO and represent NHW at meetings, such as the Community Safety Precinct Committee (CSPC) meetings.
  2. Maintain and improve the information on our website, including new ’20 Tips’, FAQs, etc. Make more information available in more languages. Encompass all sectors of the community, such as including businesses, children, etc. Encompass all new crimes, such as including internet fraud, cyberbullying, etc. Educate the community on how & when to report crime, such as production of the Ku-ring-gai Council flyer: ‘Reporting Crime in Ku-ring-gai’.
  3. Promote NHW across the command and change the coomunity’s perception of NHW. Encourage new NHW volunteers. Arrange resources for NHW groups. Support new NHW groups, with local events, etc. Have NHW representation to NHW NSW and NHW Australasia (NHWA).
  4. Encourage the distribution of our weekly eNewsletter. Have NHW volunteers to assist with the online presence/Social Media. Have NHW volunteers available to speak at community group functions. Have NHW Volunteers write articles to submit to the local media. Have NHW volunteers available to the local community radio, Triple H 100.1 FM.
  5. Have NHW volunteers manage, research and respond to residents questions. Assist with production of new pertinent information.
  6. Have NHW volunteers assist with the giving and loaning of NHW resources. Research new ways to assist the community – for example our newest project, providing assistance with kerb numbering.