‘Pick up Your Poo’ Poster

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby recognises that dog poo in public areas is a particular annoyance to the community. It’s obviously the little everyday things that annoy people the most.

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby designed a ‘Pick up Your Poo‘ poster to make a difficult topic easier, by using humour to convey the important message. We envisage this poster for use when unknown inconsiderate dog owners regularly frequent a particular area and require a reminder from residents.

The pdf is designed to be printed as size A4. We suggest you print and laminate this poster, then attach it to a tree, or similar, in a manner that won’t harm the tree please. We also suggest considering attaching some bags in order to further encourage the dog owners.

Thank you to our volunteer for knitting the poo used in the photograph for the poster. We hoped that minimum offence would be taken if we used a knitted version, rather than a real one.

Download the pdf of a Pick up Your Poo poster.

‘Pick up Your Poo’ Poster
A ‘Pick up Your Poo’ Poster in action

Local Laws

Dogs defecating is classed as a nuisance behaviour that is regulated by law.

If it is happening on a regular basis and the dog owner does nothing to improve their dog’s behaviour, you can report the issue to Council. Provide council with as much evidence of the problem as possible. Evidence includes witness statements, photos, video footage, etc.

Council says on its website, “If we can prove the behaviour is happening regularly, a Nuisance Order may be placed on the dog. This order requires the owner to prevent the behaviour from occurring. If the behaviour continues after a Nuisance Order is placed on the dog, Council may issue fines to the owner.”