Property Marking

Have you marked your valuable items? Marking your items can help return your property to you. It gives you irrefutable proof of ownership. It can also tie a criminal to a crime scene, allowing for a better chance of conviction.

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby suggests the use of an engraver, especially for marking expensive road bikes, electric tools, and other such items that can be easily on-sold at a car boot/garage sale. We recommend the NSW Police-preferred method of marking with your driver’s licence number prefixed with ‘N’ (for NSW) at the top right of your item.

For delicate items, such as phones, music and computers, we suggest the use of an ultra-violet (UV) pen. These can be obtained as ‘magic pens’ at toy shops. The ink used is only visible under UV light. The UV marking deteriorates with sunlight, so should be applied on the underside or inside of an item and should be re-applied every 6 months.

Other products such as ‘MicroDots’ can be purchased to mark small items, for example jewellery. Jewellery should also be photographed adjacent to a ruler for scale, and those photographs should be kept elsewhere, eg a USB stick at work.

GPS trackers can be used for a range of items from motorbikes, jetskis, to mobile homes.


Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby has purchased 6 engravers available to residents to borrow in order to engrave their valuable property.

Contact us via our Contact menu option for FREE use of an engraver and ultra-violet pen (currently on walkabout), along with advice on the best ways to mark your property.

Engraving kit for loan

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