Borrow it!

Borrow it!

The following items are FREE to request. However, we do welcome a ‘pay-it-forward’ gold coin from those who can give to the community in this manner. Please CONTACT us for larger donations.

All of the following items are available for pick-up from one of our volunteer’s homes. We will email you the volunteer’s details once you have made contact and are next on the list. We maintain a short list for some popular items. It is between you and the volunteer to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for pick-up.

Coming Soon – House Numbering for your Kerb!

Driveway Marking

Are you impacted by drivers blocking your driveway? Paint white lines at each side of your driveway as a deterrent. Contact us for FREE use of a stencil kit with traffic cones, high-vis vests and all the rules & info you need.  Please select the DRIVEWAY page.

Driveway White Lines

Property Marking

Have you marked your valuable items? Marking your items can help return your property to you. It can also tie a criminal to a crime scene, allowing for a better chance of conviction. Engrave your property. Contact us for FREE use of an engraver. Please select the PROPERTY page.

Engraver for loan


Do you shred your old documents? Shredding documents that contain personal information such as birth date, bank account numbers, Tax File Numbers, etc., can reduce the chance of Identity Theft. Contact us for FREE use of a shredder. Please select the SHREDDER page.

Shredder for loan
Shredder for loan
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