Cartoon ‘Catch-a-Crim’ Photo Booth

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby has a simple-to-erect wooden structure, allowing children to be photographed catching a criminal. Or big children? Would you like this ‘Catch-a-Crim‘ as an attraction at your next community event?

The Photo Booth comes as three wooden parts – the painted front board and two side supports, assembled into one structure via two nuts and bolts. The top of the criminal’s swag bag is hinged for easier transportation. There is a photo showing how it is to be assembled. It has a carrying strap.

The Photo Booth is approximately 1220 x 1550mm and fits neatly into a Holden station wagon with the rear seats down. When assembled the two side supports protrude approximately 650mm from the front and 600mm behind the main painted board.

You can collect, or we can bring this to you, along with a crime prevention table with various literature and freebies, manned by our knowledgeable volunteers. Contact us via our CONTACT menu option to see if we can accommodate your important date.

Thank you to  Jupiter&June Australia  for designing, making and painting the Cartoon Photo Booth.

Catch-a-Crim‘ Photo Booth is a big hit with the kids
Two nuts and handle-style bolts slot into the painted front board for easy assembly
View from behind the Photo Booth