Book it!

Book it!

The following items are FREE to request. However, we do welcome a ‘pay-it-forward’ gold coin from those who can give to the community in this manner. A refundable deposit may be requested. Please CONTACT us for larger donations.

Cartoon ‘Catch-a-Crim’ Photo Booth

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby has a simple-to-erect wooden structure, allowing children to be photographed catching a criminal. Or big children? Would you like this ‘Catch-a-Crim‘ as an attraction at your next community event? Please select the BOOTH page.

Catch-a Crim‘ is a hit with the kids

Police Dress-ups

Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby recognises how much fun it is to dress up as a NSW Police officer. These dress-ups are for use by children aged 1-10yrs. Please select the DRESS-UPS page.

Everyone enjoys dressing up as a police officer

Neighbourhood Watch Rope Banner

Are you having trouble with malicious damage and graffiti in your neighbourhood? Neighbourhood Watch Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby suggests a few options, including the use of the Neighbourhood Watch Rope Banner for use on a resident’s fence. This can be an extra deterrent to criminals. Please select the Rope BANNER page.